With Your Floating Hotel

The Turkish wooden yacht is called a Gulet

Gulets are ideally built for cruising.  There is plenty of room on board to stretch out and relax and each cabin has plenty of room for stowage of luggage and its own private en suite facilities.  Gulets have developed into high-tech vessels over the years and carry a full inventory of safety equipment and also the latest in telecommunications and entertainment systems.   A number of gulets designed specifically for family charters carry safety netting along with life vests for infants and small children.  

Anyone who is new to the idea and who is yet to have a sailing experience can rest assured that this kind of yacht is perfect for first-timers as it has a nice wide beam and a well-rounded hull, which makes for a very comfortable journey!  Gulets are for the most part, heavy vessels and this makes them stable while at anchor and stable while underway.  Moreover, there is a choice of “calm water” itineraries that are also fun and varied and will ensure a memorable weeklong cruise in the sheltered waters of the Gulf of Fethiye or the Gulf of Hisaronu - two favourite cruising areas.